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Generating leads is time consuming and expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. Rocket agents handles your Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Retargeting and more! Rocket is your premier in house tool to increase your real estate leads and prospects. 100% managed by our industry experts and completely hands off for you. Pick your marketing budget, and leads flow in! 


Once you have leads flowing in to your Rocket Agents CRM, you need an efficient method of outreach and branding to your new clients! Use the Rocket Dialer, auto SMS, Digital Business Card and more to impress your clients and convert more leads to long lasting clients. Anyone can get leads, but converting them is where 95% of agents fail. 


Leverage your Rocket Agents fully integrated IDX website to retain your clients and prevent your leads from going back to the big portals. Set up custom property searches for your clients, and drip them properties that come on the market. Use our landing pages and SEO customization tools to enhance your long term lead capture strategy! All handled inside of Rocket. 


Leads don’t all convert the same day they come in. In fact, most leads that are home shopping convert many months later as it takes time to find the right now, get qualified with a lender, and place offers. Without a CRM, a large majority of agents lose contact with their database. When they reconnect with older leads, agents find out that those buyers and sellers have already closed with another agent. Never lose another deal with Rocket Agents built in compliance! 

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