Contact Validation

Say goodbye to invalid phone numbers and emails and fake leads!

Fake Leads

Stop Wasting Money
On Fake Leads! 🤮

Hooray!  You generated 10 leads today!  Wait…. 8 were fake.  We have all been there. Fake leads are a real problem. There were 15 times more leads generated than homes sold last year.  Be smart with your spend.

Rocket Verified

Rocket Verified
Checkmark Status

It’s Magical. If you see a lead with a green checkmark next to their phone or email, Rocket Agents has went out and physically verified that user. Rocket even gives you alternate ways to address your leads named “Ben Dover”.

Social Media Append

Social Media

For every lead generated, we will go out and search for the leads Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and 32 other social platforms. We also provide other key data points such as job position and industry. 

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