Real Estate Dialer

Calling will never feel the same. Dial right from your CRM!

Power Dialer

The Best Real
Estate Dialer Ever

Once you try our Rocket Dialer for the first time, you will never want to go back to the dinosaur age ever again. Both Inbound & Outbound dialing is done inside Rocket. No more 3rd party dialers to import/export lists to.

Warm Transfer

Warm Transfer
Like A Boss

It’s magical. You are on the phone with a buyer, they need to get qualified, and you merge the line with your lender for them to take over. Trust is built. Appointments are set. Money is made. You can even hang up your line and continue calling new leads. We built it right!

Call Recording

Call Recording
For Busy Agents

We get it. Your busy running around town all day. You don’t have a pen and paper by you all the time. Never forget key info in your calls as all calls are stored for your compliance and convenience.

Call Routing

Call Routing
For Collaboration

What happens when a lead calls back? Rocket Agents is smart enough to route the call to the correct agent, broker, lender, or assistant. It’s magic. The lead reaches the correct department, every time.


Agents Can't
Cheat The System

Either you called, or you didn’t. Agents cannot mark a lead as worked unless they physically call. In the past, if you gave out a lead, you would be in the dark if your leads are getting called. Never worry again.


Track Calling

Ever wonder what activities the good agents do vs the bad agents? Well now you can see individual, team, and brokerages calling stats. Find out how many calls an agent did this month and compare speed to lead call times. 


Automate Your
Busy Work

Most CRM’s make you add notes, and tasks, and call dispositions, and a bunch of other busy work. When you dial with the Rocket Dialer, we automate all your busy work, leaving you more time to dial more leads.

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