Lead Aggregation

Flow leads into your CRM regardless of source and setup actionable triggers for each source.

Lead Aggregation
Lead Flow

Automatically Import
All Lead Sources

NEVER manually enter a lead ever again! We have many different ways you can automatically import leads. Set and forget! Leads import, flow to agents, and drips fire automatically. 

Zap Zap Zapinn

Robust Zapier

While Rocket Agents strives to provide a “Singular Ecosystem” for all your needs, there are many great tools and lead providers out there. Connect your Zapier and open up a whole new world of possibilities. 

Email Parsing

Magic Email

Do you have another lead source provider that sends you a lead alert to your email? Just CC your custom Rocket “Magic Email” address! Within seconds, we parse your email, pull out the name, phone, email, and other details and create a lead for you! Magic!

Bulk Import

Bulk Import
Your CSV's

Most real estate agents have a very large historical database. Old leads are still good leads. In many cases, they are still GREAT leads.  If you are transferring from another system, we make it easy to migrate your database.

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