Prospects Queue

A dedicated Prospects queue to work your cold outreach and prospecting lists.

Prospects Queue
Dedicated Prospects Queue

Segment Prospects
From Referrals

Prospects are all types of cold outreach. Think FSBO’s, Expired’s, Farm Lists, etc. You don’t want to upload a huge list of prospects and have it bury your hot leads. Other CRMs blend all your contacts together which can make you lose track of the high cost lead sources you pay for. 

Lead Pond

Shared Ponds
For Group Fishing

Lead Ponds are located under the prospects tab and you can batch send leads to the pond at any time. Lead Ponds solve a lot of issues in a team based CRM. Any agent can call the pond if they have some extra time at the end of the day. Since this is a shared queue, the first agent to it gets to claim it!

Prospects Queue
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