Sphere Queue

A dedicated Sphere queue to work your SOI & most personal contacts.

Sphere Queue
Dedicated Sphere Queue

Separate Your SOI
From General Leads

Your SOI (Sphere Of Influence) are personal contacts which require a very different follow up schedule than other sources. Other CRMs blend all your contacts together. Leads, Prospects, Contacts, Sphere all go into one queue which can cause you to be too aggressive with your most intimate personal contacts. 

Phone Sync

Sync Your Phone
Contacts To Your SOI

Ok let’s say you have 2000 contacts in your phone. Are you really going to go one by one and manually type in 2000 contacts to your CRM? That would take months. With the Rocket Agents mobile app, all contacts sync directly into your Sphere tab. Most agents don’t prospect their SOI due to the sheer inconvenience, which leaves hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

Approval Queue

Approve Your Sphere
On Your Terms

We get it, we all have ex-boyfriends / ex-girlfriends stored in our phone book. Your synced contacts go into an approval queue before entering your SOI. You can easily “Accept” or “Reject” each contact to hyper focus on your best cheerleaders. 


Built In Privacy
For Peace Of Mind

Don’t worry, if you are using Rocket Agents with your team or brokerage, you can be confident that you will be the only one that will be able to view the contacts profile. Even your broker or admin level account cannot view profiles for your sphere. 

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