Real Estate Dialer

Calling will never feel the same. Dial right from your CRM!

Power Dialer

The Best Real
Estate Dialer Ever

Once you try our Rocket Dialer for the first time, you will never want to go back to the dinosaur age ever again. Both Inbound & Outbound dialing is done inside Rocket. No more 3rd party dialers to import/export lists to.

Warm Transfer

Warm Transfer
Like A Boss

It’s magical. You are on the phone with a buyer, they need to get qualified, and you merge the line with your lender for them to take over. Trust is built. Appointments are set. Money is made. You can even hang up your line and continue calling new leads. We built it right!

Call Recording

Call Recording
For Busy Agents

We get it. Your busy running around town all day. You don’t have a pen and paper by you all the time. Never forget key info in your calls as all calls are stored for your compliance and convenience.

Call Routing

Call Routing
For Collaboration

What happens when a lead calls back? Rocket Agents is smart enough to route the call to the correct agent, broker, lender, or assistant. It’s magic. The lead reaches the correct department, every time.


Agents Can't
Cheat The System

Either you called, or you didn’t. Agents cannot mark a lead as worked unless they physically call. In the past, if you gave out a lead, you would be in the dark if your leads are getting called. Never worry again.


Track Calling

Ever wonder what activities the good agents do vs the bad agents? Well now you can see individual, team, and brokerages calling stats. Find out how many calls an agent did this month and compare speed to lead call times. 


Automate Your
Busy Work

Most CRM’s make you add notes, and tasks, and call dispositions, and a bunch of other busy work. When you dial with the Rocket Dialer, we automate all your busy work, leaving you more time to dial more leads.

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    Features Related to Real Estate Dialer:

    Integrated SMS

    Send SMS, MMS, VCF to your clients in under 5 seconds.
    #SMS   #MMS   #VCF

    Bulk SMS

    Increase Your
    Client Engagement

    Integrated texting is still the leading form of engagement with clients and Rocket Agents makes it easier than ever to connect with your clients quickly, and conveniently. 

    Scale Up

    Work More Leads
    At The Same Time

    How many phone calls can you have simultaneously? Well.. only one. Rocket Agents allows you to work multiple deals simultaneously. A multitaskers dream!

    SMS - MMS - VCF

    Send Rich
    Content Types

    Wow your clients and send them a digital business card. Put a face to a name and allow your leads to add your contact card to their phone in ONE CLICK. Yep, it’s that easy.

    🚀 - Emoji Support - 🚀

    Connect Deeply
    With Your Leads 😍

    Modern day texting is visual. 👀  Leveraging Emojis in text is very important to connect with people on a human level. 🧘‍♀️  Show more emotion and have fun!  🏡  🔥

    Drip Drip Drippin

    Automate Your
    SMS Efforts

    Do you even drip bro? When leads request your services, they want an IMMEDIATE response. Now you can engage your new leads immediately.


    Send Messages
    From Anywhere

    No matter where you are, engage your clients quickly and effectively. Text conversations sync between desktop and your mobile phone while on the go!

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      Features Related to Integrated SMS:

      Rocket MMS

      Picture messaging for the modern real estate agent. 

      Bulk MMS
      Work In CRM

      Accept Picture SMS
      In Your CRM

      All picture messages are conveniently stored in your leads profile right in your CRM. That is just something you cannot do with your native cell phone. Other systems make you jump back and forth between apps, but not with Rocket!

      Property Pictures

      Send Properties
      Via Text!

      So now you can send pictures, but how do you send the pictures of properties quickly and easily? With Rocket, you can click on a property and click send. It’s that easy and now you have saved valuable minutes for each lead. 

      Better Engagement

      Pictures Are Worth
      A Thousand Words

      While other agents are sending postcards and emails, you can connect with your leads visually and break through the noise. Give your leads a reason to respond while sending engaging content.

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        Features Related to Rocket MMS:

        SMS Digital Business Card

        Never miss an opportunity. Quickly & automatically share your contact card.

        Digital B-Card
        Contact Card

        Automatically Share
        Your Contact Card

        Never miss another opportunity to present yourself professionally. When you meet someone new or a fresh lead signs up, we will make sure that they remember who you are without you lifting a finger.

        Clickable VCF

        Your Leads Add
        You With One Click

        The most important thing you can do, is get your contact card in your leads phone. We text a contact card right to your leads cell phone. They only have to click one button and your beautiful contact card is imported to their phone.

        Business Card

        Add A Digital
        Branded Element

        In addition to the clickable contact card, we want you to stand out and be remembered. Rocket Agents creates a visual business card, and sends it to your client as a picture message, putting a face to a name.

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          Features Related to Digital B-Card:

          Bulk Email

          Email your clients properties, updates, drips, and more.

          Bulk Email

          Automate Your
          Email Conversion Game

          Ever wonder how the big portals get consumers coming back to their site? Email is a huge part of that. But you have to stay consistent, which is why our email automation plan has your back even when you sleep.


          Intelligent Email
          Drip Sequences

          If your current CRM just has regular ol’ drips, these can ruin a good lead quick by sending them the wrong message. With Rocket, leads get the right message, at the right time, with ACTION based drips.

          Prebuilt Templates

          Prebuilt Agent
          Email Templates

          Ever get a new tool, and not know exactly what to send to your clients? It’s called “blank page syndrome”. Fear not, we give you prebuilt templates tested by thousands of agents. 

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            Features Related to Bulk Email:

            Video Email

            Sending old stale emails are a thing of the past!

            Video Email
            Video Email

            Video Email For
            Real Estate

            Video is by far the highest converting and most relatable medium. Give your email campaigns a face lift with relatable email messages. 

            This is a Rocket Agents beta feature.
            Signup below to be notified of its release!

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              Features Related to Video Email:

              Property Alert Drips

              Send your clients the perfect property, automatically.
              #PROPERTYALERT   #DRIPS

              Property Alert Drips
              Drip Properties

              Property Drip
              Like A Boss

              Many agents fail because they don’t think about their consumer when they try to market to them. By sending buyers the property alert emails they actually want, you find much higher engagement. 

              Favorite Homes

              Clients Favorite
              Homes They Like

              Once your clients see a home that catches their eye, they can favorite the home and add it to a hot list. This also alerts you as an agent. Talk about knowing your audience!! 

              Showing Requests

              Receive Instant
              Showing Requests

              After your clients gather homes on their favorites list, they can select a few to request a showing from you. Let your clients comfortably setup showings at their own pace!

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                Features Related to Property Alert Drips:

                AI SMS Sign Riders

                Generate the highest quality of drive by traffic. Automatically qualify your prospects.

                AI Sign Riders

                Monetize Your Lost
                Drive By Traffic

                Let’s face it. Buyers ARE interested in your listing. Many buyers even drive by without an agent. They don’t necessarily want to have a lengthy call with a Realtor, however they WILL text an automated system to get a digital flyer! 


                Send Property Flyers

                Once a buyer texts the number, Rocket Agents will automatically send the property flyer to their mobile phone. This link tracks back to your site so you can even see if they opened the link!!

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                  Features Related to AI Sign Riders:

                  AI SMS Responders

                  Create opt-in sms marketing campaigns to generate quality leads.
                  #SMSCODES   #SMS   #AUTORESPONDER

                  AI SMS Responders
                  Real Estate SMS Shortcodes

                  Generate Leads
                  Through SMS Opt-Ins

                  So you have that hot new listing? Instead of just posting it on facebook, post it with a SMS opt in code and collect pure gold! When leads opt in, you collect mobile phone numbers, are expecting something from you.

                  SMS Auto Responders

                  Real Estate SMS
                  Auto Responders

                  Now you can instantly provide value to your leads and instantly give them exactly what they want (after answering a few questions of course!). Send “Lead Bait” in an auto response 24/7. 

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                    Features Related to AI SMS Responders: