Real Estate Round Robin

Dish out leads to your teams and even make your agents phone ring!

Dialer Round Robin
Round Robin

Round Robin

Round Robin is old school. Each agent gets a lead. How boring. With Rocket, tie in agent performance, agent specialty areas, and vacation mode into the mix! No other system does Round Robin like Rocket does!

Outbound Dial

Force Agents To
Answer The Phone!

The only way you claim a lead, is you pick up the phone! Once you answer, it connects you to the lead. Its like your own personal assistant 24/7 even when you are on the road!


Leads Get Worked
100% Of The Time

Gone are the days of handing an agent a sticky note with a lead to call. Did they call? Who knows.  🤷‍♂️ If an agent misses a Round Robin call, no problem, it will just dial the next agent. Talk about good customer service. 

Speed To Lead

Insanely Fast
Speed To Lead

Rocket gets you connected with leads QUICK. This is a must have if you are generating internet leads, or especially shared lead sources. Round Robin is customizable for each and every lead source so you can have it fire immediately, or give it 5 minutes to let the visitor browse listings on your site.

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